Midnight the miniature horse was born without a full hind leg, causing his original caretakers to neglect him. Now, Midnight is living happily with a new prosthetic leg, thanks to Ranch Hand Rescue. Watch the video of this incredible story, and the amazing strides this little horse has made toward a normal life. — Global Animal

by Brian Gillie, Strange News Examiner

A Texas horse name Midnight has received a new lease on life after he successfully received a $14,000 prosthetic leg.

The four-year-old miniature horse was born with part of his leg missing and was not properly taken care of, forcing police to seize the horse from his owners. He was then taken to Argyle, Texas’ Ranch Hand Rescue.

Midnight was facing euthanasia, until the owner of Ranch Hand had an idea.

Miniature horse Midnight with his newly fitted prosthetic leg. Photo: YouTube screenshot

“We thought, if it could be done for humans, could it be done for a horse?”  said Bob Williams, referring to implanting a prosthetic leg on a horse.

A Forth Worth prosthetic company, Prosthetic Care, then stepped in and attempted to design a leg for the horse. As it turns out, the leg worked, and after the second fitting, Midnight can be seen breaking out into a full sprint, right on camera.



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