Loading van at Animal Friends for relief efforts at evacuation centers. Photo credit: Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue & Support (JEARS).

The GlobalAnimal.org community once again demonstrated compassion in action with another donation to help Japan’s animals. Today’s donation of $9,050 was sent to Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue & Support (JEARS) to provide immediate assistance for their ongoing efforts with lost, injured, and displaced pets. To date, Global Animals have donated $27,051 through the GlobalAnimal.org website alone, as well as tens of thousands of dollars directly to JEARS and other animal rescue organizations.

This $9050 contribution is the second collective donation made on behalf of the GlobalAnimal.org community of animal lovers worldwide since the March 10, 2011, tsunami and earthquake. On March 20, GlobalAnimal.org sent Japan Earthquake Rescue & Support an $18,000 collective donation on behalf of its readers. Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue & Support is a coalition of three longstanding non-profit animal rescue organizations in Japan. They are: HEART-TokushimaAnimal Garden Niigata, and Japan Cat Network.

Shane the Akita and his guardian Mr. Kamata appear to be all smiles after reuniting.

Following the disaster in Japan, GlobalAnimal.org created a How To Help Japan’s Animals page, which is a resource of contact information to many reputable non-profit animal welfare organizations and links to donate directly to the organizations. More than 33,000 people have used the resource page so far to find out how to help Japan’s pets and their guardians. For the GlobalAnimal.org team, the opportunity to be a conduit for the flow of energy between animal lovers around the globe and the people saving animals in Japan is a tremendous honor.

Initially, GlobalAnimal.org set up the ability to donate through the site in response to readers’ inquiries and the challenges some experienced while trying to donate through other channels. JEARS’ ‘chip-in’ function during the first days, for instance, slowed down under the enormous activity of people wanting to give. So, GlobalAnimal.org set up a collection function. What began as a way to facilitate getting donations to the people on the ground as quickly as possible, evolved into a testament of the power of community.

It’s with deep gratitude that we thank all the Global Animal readers who contributed to Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue & Support. And it’s with heartfelt gratitude, too, that we thank all the remarkable people at JEARS for their selfless work with animals victimized by the earthquake.

GlobalAnimal.org is happy to be sharing the many success stories of animal rescues in Japan’s worst hit areas. It’s a terrific sign to have more stories everyday of lives saved.  JEARS has been fundamental in changing the tide from one of devastation to one of hope. Keep up the inspired work!

In keeping with our commitment to transparency: Screenshot of $9050 donated to HEART/JEARS from Global Animal.



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  1. Hi Dogge4u,

    Thank you for updating us and letting us know the Shelties have been rescued. Good news!

    We are aware of the good work being done by Animal Rescue Kansai and put ARK on our “How To Help Japan’s Pets” page from the very beginning: http://www.globalanimal.org/2011/03/22/how-to-help-japan-pets/32243/

    This page has received over 80,000 views and has, no doubt, helped ARK as well as the other rescues listed. We are currently reaching out to ARK to report on their rescue efforts.

    Global Animal Foundation is supporting NPOs big and small by bringing awareness to the work they do, raising money and distributing donations to different rescues on the ground. We speak directly with the individuals in the animal rescue organizations, not to PR firms, in the course of our reporting. Like you, we believe that communicating with the people doing the work is the best measure of what’s happening and what can help.

    It’s been gratifying to meet the dedicated people helping animals around the world and selecting the best of them to be recipients of donations from Global Animal Foundation. It’s our mission to provide a safe place for donors to send money, which we distribute to vetted NPOs, helping people avoid the kind of fraud rampant with “NPO’s” after Katrina.

    Thanks also, Dogge4U, for shedding light on the critical situation facing horses and farm animals and the heroes trying to save them. It’s an enormous and heartbreaking situation that deserves much attention, help, and action.


  2. How much is GlobalAnimal contributing to other rescue groups in Japan that are doing good work but don’t have the PR machinery to garner lots of donations. One group is Animal Rescue Karsai (read their rescue work in exclusion zone at http://www.arkbark.net/?q=en/node/2977 ). There are also horse rescue groups that are facing big problems with horses in exclusion zone (not as easy to take horses out as dogs and cats). Two groups I have read about that are doing horse rescue in exclusion zone are Intaiba Kyokai and Uma (can’t find websites-likely Japanese)