Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue & Support rescues a Welsh corgi from a rooftop.

Real work continues to be done on the ground by the real heroes responding to the needs of stranded animals, both in the field and in shelters. To all you Global Animals who’ve supported the rescue organizations, here’s what your help looks like. We salute you and Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue & Support! – Global Animal

This Welsh corgi was rescued by Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue & Support after spending three days waiting for rescue on a roof.

According to Susan Mercer from Heart-Tokushima, one of the rescues associated with JEARS, the corgi was very quiet when first spotted, even though there was a sign above his head that read “He bites!”

Apparently he didn’t feel like biting his rescuers and responded to a kind voice right away.

JEARS was asked to take in the corgi. He’s now on his way to rehabilitate at Animal Friends Nigata, while other volunteers look for his family. Hoorah!

Rescued corgi hangs out with JEARS volunteers.

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