(PET HUMOR) What’s funnier than a bunny saying outrageous things? An adorable bunny saying outrageous Charlie Sheen quotes, of course. Take a break from the bad news and peruse this wacky combination of the innocent and insane. ― Global Animal

Urlesque, Jay Hathaway

What does possibly-insane Hollywood actor Charlie Sheen have in common with adorable bunnies? Well, one’s a playboy, and the other is … never mind. The real answer is, they both say some completely bonkers s**t sometimes.

Buzzfeed has an absolutely inspired gallery of quotes from Sheen’s recent radio tirade — the interview that gave us gems like “I am an F-18, bro!” and “I am battle-tested bayonets!” — as delivered by innocent wittle bunny wabbits.

Oh well. Anybunny would lose it under all the pressure of filming a hit TV show while still finding time for, um, extracurricular activities, right? Check out the ranting rabbit highlights below.

(Click picture to enlarge.)