Dr. Sasaki, a veterinarian associated with Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue treats a dog at an evacuation center in Sendai City.


It is not what happens in life, it’s how you respond to it.

Global Animal readers have responded generously to Japan’s animal earthquake and tsunami victims, donating $18,000 through the GlobalAnimal.org website alone, as well as tens of thousands of dollars directly to Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue & Support (JEARS) and other animal rescue organizations.

Global Animal has been in touch with the three animal rescues affiliated under JEARS from the beginning of the catastrophe in Japan. We’ve been impressed with their dedication and impeccable trustworthiness, which is why we chose the JEARS coalition to receive the donations GlobalAnimal.org has collected over the past days. The three rescues affiliated with JEAR&S are: HEART-TokushimaAnimal Garden Niigata, and Japan Cat Network. From their facebook page:

REPORT FROM RESCUE TEAM: Shelter officials we met in Sendai yesterday mentioned that a soldier found a cat yesterday when he was recovering bodies from an area. The cat was terrified and hiding in his bed. The soldier brought him to the shelter, bed and all, and he will be put up for adoption if his guardians don’t come to claim him. Photo credit: JEARS

There is no doubt the animal situation in the areas (one of the worst-hit by the tsunami) is bad. There are still water and fuel shortages and tens of thousands of people are displaced. We’ve heard that while some pet owners have brought smaller dogs into the evacuation centres, larger ones are being kept in backyards and cars – and supplies are still running short. As we have told you before, we are preparing a team to head up there within the next 48 hours with pet food from Animal Friends Niigata.”

Global Animal is not a non-profit, though it is run by a group of dedicated volunteers who earn no salaries. While we look for sponsorship and advertisers, the considerable costs and time dedication required to cover animal news worldwide is funded by Global Animal’s co-founders. Their contribution of time and resources are supported by an excellent team of Global Animal volunteers, without whose work Global Animal would not be possible.

It is with great pleasure that 100 percent of the money collected for animal victims of the tsunami and earthquake is being donated on behalf of the Global Animal readers who contributed.  We are dedicated to total transparency and have posted the two Paypal transfers below. We hope all groups collecting money for animals immediately release their funds to respected rescue organizations.

Every second counts – people and their pets need help. It is time for animal lovers to unite and mobilize!


REPORT FROM RESCUE TEAM: Yesterday, we visited an evacuation center in Sendai, Miyagi, handing out pet food and asking for any leads on animals who had been abandoned. One evacuation center was housing 10 dogs, and some of the evacuees living there reportedly had cats at home as well who they were checking on, so we left a huge supply of dog and cat food. Photo credit: JEARS




  1. I really wish people would calm down a bit in regards to the situation in Japan. I am sure everyone over there is doing the best they can with what they can. People outside of Japan need to realize there are very real radiation fears, safety issues, food shortages, rolling power blackouts and an enormous death toll that isn’t even comprehensible. Everyone is doing their best. Kenn Sakurai himself is facing trouble of his own as it has been tweeted on his account that his company has had setbacks from power shortages and the like. From what I have read, he has been giving food to shelters, rescue groups and abandoned pets as he can. Susan Mercer and HEART Tokushima is a great organization and has been around for a number of years. She advised me with one of my own rescue situations when I was last home. You can read more about her here http://search.japantimes.co.jp/cgi-bin/fl20101211a2.html and what she has to face trying to keep her group going. These days are very very hard, for Japan. Please help as much as you can and if you are worried, do some research, donate to groups you trust and remember every little bit helps.

  2. Dear Sapphire Maiden,

    Your questions are reasonable and I would like to address them here directly in hopes that we can lessen the vitriol.

    We have no opinion about Kenn Sakurai and the money he has raised, and have not commented on it. We hope the money is ultimately disbursed to legitimate rescue organizations or returned (neither has happened yet), but we are dedicated to animals and it’s not our job to police anybody. Our general opinion is that the controversy around Kenn has taken way too much time and effort from people. We are going to stay with our main mission to report the facts regarding animal welfare as they arise.

    It is true Global Animal is not a non-profit, although we make no money and are run by dedicated volunteers. The $18,000 we sent went to HEART-Tokushima Prefecture and the contact information is below. They are part of three rescue groups organized under Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue & Support.

    Global Animal believes in complete transparency. Feel free to contact Susan at HEART PREFECTURE via email or phone to confirm our donation. You can also go to their facebook page and see where they have thanked us for the $18,000.

    We trust you are an animal lover who is interested in the truth.

    Arthur Jeon, Global Animal

    HEART-Tokushima Prefecture
    HEART is prepared to receive rescued animals, working closely with Japan Cat Network and Animal Friends Niigata to save as many as possible. Niigata, closest to stricken areas, will be the base of operations. We are going out to distribute food and water and make an initial assessment. Check for updates on Facebook.
    ph: 088-635-5558
    Susan Merce: [email protected]
    Earthquake Blog
    770-8691 • Tokushima Central Post Office, Box 114

  3. I think I would like to see receipts from the charities you claim to be donating to. Anyone who uses PayPal knows you can rescind a payment as quickly as you make one, not to mention, “Heart” could be anything.

    “Global Animal is not a non-profit, though it is run by a group of dedicated volunteers who earn no salaries.”
    And why is this OK for you but not for Kenn Sakurai? He is also not a non-profit, and a dedicated volunteer who earns no salary for his rescue efforts. I donated to him, but I would never consider donating anything to Global Animal.

  4. As a concerned person in this matter about Kenn, the guy who’s now “offering” to give back the money people gave him as ‘donations.’ I wanted the best info to get out so i can feel secure in where my donations are actually going, I checked in with Paypal about donation to charities…
    So far here’s what I found out about PayPal and how they shut down people claiming to be charities and taking money from others under the pretense that they are one.

    PayPal has policies to prevent individuals from collecting donations if he or she is not part of a legitimate charity or authorized by a legitimate charity to collect donations on their behalf. Once a person hits a certain dollar amount of collecting “donations,” or violates a policy, they must provide proof of their charity status. The person usually has about a week to prove they’re legit. If they can’t, PayPal can suspend the person’s activity. PayPal either requires that the person refunds donations when he/she is in breech of policy. Or Paypal returns all funds.

    It takes about a week for PayPal to shut someone down. Well meaning or not there is a definite policy in place to protect those that are so generous to give. I hope this helps clear some things up.
    Good for you Global Animal to help us get the info we need to help out. I am using your widget for the japan rescue you have been working with. I am happy to l pass the word on….

    • Carpenter, you’re leaving out a few details.
      1. Kenn does not – and never has – claimed to be a non-profit.
      2. He never ASKED for donations. WE asked HIM how we could contribute to his rescue efforts.
      3. If PayPal shut down every person collecting any type of donations, how would so many people be able to donate to friends or family who are in need of money? I’ve donated through PayPal twice to Facebook friends who were either ill or their house burned down. Those donation links are still up and running.
      4. As a “concerned person,” did you donate anything to Kenn? If not, why say anything? If you didn’t donate, you have no business claiming to be “concerned.”

      I’ve instructed Kenn to keep my donation, no matter what the doubters say. I believe in him and his efforts to rescue animals. Period.

  5. God bless all of the littel angels seperated from there families. . .I am a huge animal lover, prefer my babies over people most of the time. . .and Japan shelters you better give people a chance to get on there feet to adopt again before you decide to put this miracle pets AKA ANGELS down or send them to America. . .or other countries for good adoptions or animal lovers will be PIST:)