Akita Swims Tsunami To Reunite With Guardian

It’s been such a heartbreaking week that we just had to end with some good news from the road. This story is just in from Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue & Support (JEARS), whose members are searching the countryside for lost and abandoned animals, as well as bringing food and medical supplies to animals in evacuation centers. So far, Global Animals have raised $18,000 to help JEARS, these tireless animal advocates who are making life easier for Japan’s animals. So, thank you, generous Global Animals! And now on to a happy – and confirmed – tale from the road. – Global Animal

JAPAN (From Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue & Support) – Yesterday, we met a man at an evacuation centre in Sendai who told us a very touching story about his Akita dog, named Shane. The man is a pillar in his community and when he heard the tsunami warning he rushed to warn his neighbors after letting Shane free in the yard. After notifying his neighborhood, he tried to get back to his house to get Shane, but the tsunami was rapidly approaching and he was forced to go to the local school on higher ground. He had given up hope of ever seeing Shane alive again. But, 6 hours later, one of the people staying in the center said they saw a dog outside. The man went to look, and it was Shane!! Shane had never been to the school before, but somehow, his instincts lead him there. The dog swam through chest-high water before being reunited with his guardian.

The man took us to Shane, who was staying at his house several blocks from the school (the water had receded of course). Shane must have hung onto debris, as he cut both his elbows on something. We instructed the guardian on how to clean his wounds and gave him some ointment to ward off infection. We were able to leave fuel with the local veterinarian, so he will return to check on Shane and provide him with antibiotics to ensure his wounds heal.

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  1. these are the stories that should endear all of us to be more loyal to these creatures who are so loyal to us….if he needs a safehaven for his beloved Shane…have him contact me here in Florida, not sure what it would cost but as a fellow Akita lover and Japanese American…..i would do whatever i could to help them….my cousin lives in Aomori and the last we heard they are doing ok ….maybe they could provide some help ……feel free to give Shane’s owner my email…Ghandi had a saying, and the Japanese are truly people who have comapassion, not only for each other but their beloved Akitas(Shiba’s etc) Keeping the wonderful people of Japan and their beloved animals in my prayers and thoughts <3