(ANIMAL VIDEO) You don’t have to speak Japanese to understand the sympathetic tones of the two reporters observing these dogs  – and the loyal dog who led them to an injured friend, then refused to leave his friend’s side. There is so much we don’t understand about the emotional lives of animals. But we know they can suffer tremendously, and we know they care for each other.

We wish all the people and animals of Japan heartfelt concern during this incomprehensibly difficult time. We know that the people of Japan will respond like these two friends, sticking together in this time of need.  Ganbatte kudasai! (“Don’t give up!”) – Global Animal


How To Help & Donate To Japan’s Lost and Injured Pets

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  1. From Japan. Maybe, it’s difficult task to treat victim dogs because of low electric supply and shortage of drugs. Support supplies are being delayed by land traffic because of temporally shortage of gasoline. Airport and harbor facilities are recovered today by efforts of the American armed forces. More than 10 thousands are dead and missing so it’s considered that it will be difficult to meet the dogs and owner again…

    Japanese TV focus on the urgent managements of nuclear electric power plants. Ibarki is near the plants so it will be more difficult to bring support supplies cause of anxious of radiation.

    But Cyndi Lauper held concert today in Tokyo and giving strong song to us.
    Thank you for your praying or donation for Japan 🙂

  2. I have been inundated with folks from Facebook wanting updates on the dogs. I have given them the story and have asked for $$ to help with your efforts. So much to do, so little time. I’m sure they will all give what they can when they can give. We all wish you much success and much luck in your efforts. PLEASE BE SAFE!

  3. Ania,

    According to a facebook entry, a resident of Japan, Kenn Sakurai, is reporting that both dogs were found alive in Mito, Ibaraki. And thanks to the efforts of Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support, the two dogs are currently in the care of a local shelter. We will share more information as it develops.

    – Global Animal