Saturday, April 17, 2021

Golden forest rhino Greg du Tolt

A Marvel Of Ants, Nature Photography

Gerald Durrell Award for Endangered Wildlife – Highly Commended. Greg’s long-held ambition has been to photograph the critically endangered black rhino in a forest habitat. His trip to Lake Nakuru, Kenya, had an inauspicious start when he dropped his lens, losing the zoom and VR (vibration-reduction) functions. And his subject – renowned for being shy – completely eluded him. On the last day, at first light, he went for the last time into the ancient fever-tree forest. It was then that he finally spotted what he’d been waiting for, browsing on a fallen tree. ‘I was shaking with excitement,’ he confesses, ‘which posed a problem without VR, and the forest was so dark that my shutter speed sank.’ His old beanbag came to the rescue as a prop for his lens, enabling him finally to capture the magnificent animal in the golden light of dawn.