Archive | February 17, 2011

<p>An elephant in Tsavo west national park, some 350 kilometres southeast of Nairobi. Photo Credit: AFP</p>

Poachers Endanger Kenya’s Elephants

KENYA — A drop in the rate of population increase for the Tsavo National Park elephants worries conversationalists as the demand of ivory grows. Poachers aren’t the only concern, however, read on to find out what other dangers may exist for the African Elephants in Kenya.

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Expensive Shark Fins, Chinese Delicacy, May Be Banned In California

California Says, “No Shark Fin Soup For You!”

CALIFORNIA — On Monday, California legislators introduced a bill aimed at fighting shark finning, a cruel and environmentally disastrous practice. If passed, California law will ban the sale of shark fins in the state. Read further to learn about the hot debate surrounding this potential victory for shark conservation. — Global Animal

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