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<p>Janet Folk of Orange Dog Inc poses on the steps of her company's Gulfstream jet which will fly 58 homeless Chihuahuas and small mixed breed dogs from Los Angeles to Edmonton, Canada for adoption as part of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Los Angeles 'Air Chihuahua program'. Photo Credit: AFP</p>

International Chihuahua Airlift Huge Success

CALIFORNIA/CANADA— The recent fad of toting a chihuahua as a fashion accessory has spiked the number of abandoned pets in Los Angeles. Luckily for these dogs, animal lovers have teamed up to airlift the abandoned animals to Edmonton, Alberta, where loving homes await the rescued pooches.

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Sea Shepherd Ship Bob Barker Chases Whaling Ship Nisshin Maru

Factory Ship Says Sayonara To Whaling Grounds

Feb. 15, 2011 – ANTARCTIC – It’s halfway through Japan’s whaling season, and the Sea Shepherd seems to have the “research” ship, Nisshin Maru, on the run. The Bob Barker, one of Sea Shepherd’s fleet, chased the Nisshin Maru 1,000 nautical miles outside of Japan’s designated “research” territory for whaling, and it won’t be stopping any time soon. […]

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Ancient Humans Kept Pet Foxes

Foxes: Prehistoric Man’s Best Friend?

Fred Flintstone may have kept a pet dinosaur, but a discovery in an ancient Middle Eastern graveyard suggests that foxes may have been man’s original animal companion. Read on to learn about these prehistoric friends lived — and died — together. — Global Animal

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<p>Photo Credit: Noah Friedman-Rudovsky for The New York Times</p>

Jaguar On A Leash: Daring Or Dumb? Take Our Poll

BOLIVIA (VIDEO)— Ambue Ari draws volunteers to their animal reserve using the controversial practice of allowing the untrained visitors to walk jaguars and pumas through the forest on a leash. Is this a dangerous practice that should be stopped, or do these walks allow the endangered big cats to have a better quality of life […]

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