NEW ORLEANS – This is the story of Bobbi the dog and Bob Cat, two inspiring survivors of Hurricane Katrina. When Bobbi’s guardians were forced to leave their home, Bobbi was left chained on the porch with bowls of food and water. Bob Cat evidently stayed with Bobbi and unfortunately, no one came to rescue the pair. When their food and water were gone, Bobbi managed to break free. Bobbi wandered the devastated streets of New Orleans, with the chain trailing behind her and Bob Cat right by her side.

When Bobbi and Bob Cat were found four months later, shelter volunteers discovered two surprising things: Bobbi wouldn’t stop howling until Bob Cat was placed in the cage with her. And Bob Cat was completely blind. Bobbi was Bob Cat’s seeing-eye dog. The pair was sent to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary and the two are now living happily together with their new family on a ranch in Oregon.

Their touching story is now a children’s book called, Two Bobbies. The authors donate 10% of their royalties of each book sold to Best Friends. – Global Animal

USA Today

After Bobbi and Bob Cat were left behind by their owners in New Orleans 5 years ago when Hurricane Katrina struck, they stayed together to survive. “Two Bobbies, A True Story of Hurricane Katrina, Friendship, and Survival” (Walker Publishing Company) tells the tale about the powerful friendship between a dog and cat.

Like thousands of pets, they wandered the streets for four months before someone befriended them and took them to a Best Friends animal shelter. At first, they stayed in separate parts of the shelter but neither one would have any part of that. They fussed until they were reunited — and that’s when volunteers discovered Bob Cat was blind.

Authors Kirby Larson and Mary Nethery write “All that time on their own, Bobbi had been Bob Cat’s seeing eye dog.” Their story became popular nationwide when CNN’s Anderson Cooper reported about them. Best Friends Animal Society tried to find their family but to no avail. They end up being able to stay together because of the kindness and determination of the Best Friend volunteers and a woman who adopts them both.

This is a great story for young children. It teaches them about the value of friendship and helping others. Larson is the author of many books for children, including the 2007 Newberry Honor Book “Hattie Big Sky”. It’s a story my grandkids will say “Again,” as in read again. We will many times. They’ll love the illustrations done by Jean Cassels.

Another reason to buy? A portion of the proceeds goes to Best Friends. Go to for more information on purchasing.

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