Archive | February 14, 2011

<p>Photo Credit: TYWKIWDBI</p>

Medieval Court Cases: Animals On Trial?

In Medieval times, Europeans put animals that had committed crimes on trial, often providing them with all the same rights as people, including the right to a lawyer and a fair trial. While the punishments seem harsh to us today, keep in mind that humans were given the exact same treatment. Read all the way […]

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<p>Photo Credit: Luis Sinco/Los Angeles Times</p>

Karmic Tragedy: Rooster Kills Cockfighter

Cockfighting frequently goes unpunished. However, this week in Lamont, California, a fighting rooster dealt a fatal blow… to a human with a penchant for this bloodsport. Read on for the details of this wild accident, tragic for humans and animals alike. — Global Animal

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