Archive | February 3, 2011

<p>In this Jan. 29, 2011 photo, a wild bald eagle perches in a Sycamore tree overlooking the Orange County Zoo's captive eagle program, where a captive female bald eagle has been calling back and forth with the wild bald eagle, in Irvine, Calif. The tree overlooks the rain-fed Santiago Creek in Irvine Regional Park.  Nature and bird enthusiasts have been delighted with the rare bald eagle sighting and crowds have been steadily increasing. The higher water levels and fish in the creek are also drawing other predatory birds. Photo Credit: AP Photo/Los Angeles Times, Allen J. Schaben</p>

Love Crosses All Boundaries

CALIFORNIA – Oliva, the injured bald eagle living at the Orange County Zoo, has found a new friend, or should we call him boyfriend? A wild bald eagle has been hanging about Olivia’s enclosure, chattering back and forth with her. Read about their adorable love story here.

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