Elephant Underpass Prevents Conflicts

Elephants exit Africa's first Dedicated elephant underpass near the slopes of Mount Kenya Photo Credit: AP

The new elephant underpass in Kenya is helping elephants cross the road and will help prevent conflicts between humans and elephants. Good news for elephants and people alike. — Global Animal

Belfast Telegraph

How did the elephants cross the road? They went underneath it.

Elephants have begun using Africa’s first dedicated elephant underpass in Kenya – a unique new solution to the increasing problem of animal-human conflict in Africa.

Journalists watched earlier this week as three young bull elephants passed through the tunnel, which was built under a major highway near Mount Kenya.

Conservationists say the tunnel connects two elephant habitats that had been cut off from each other for years by human development.

However, experts say more solutions are needed to alleviate the problem of human development in animal areas in order to preserve Africa’s wildlife.