On Sunday, January 31st two Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians witnessed three dolphins being loaded into a truck in Taiji Harbor, Japan. Where were the dolphins being taken? Follow their heartbreaking, 30+ hour journey in this video update to find out. — Global Animal

(Text from the video reprinted below)

“On Sunday the 31st of January 2011, Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians – who have been in Taiji since September monitoring the Taiji Dolphin Slaughter – saw movements around a transportation truck in Taiji …”

“Three Pacific White Sided dolphins were captured from the coast of Japan on January 9th and put into holding pens in Taiji Harbour. We spotted the dolphins being loaded into the truck, so Andy Romanowski and Nicole McLachian followed it – spending a total of 31 hours on the road.”

“At 9:30am, the batteries died in our camera… At 10am, Police instructed us to turn back, as all continuing cars were required to have snow chains on their tyres, and ours did not.”

“The truck was on the road for several hours longer, before transferring the three Pacific White Sided dolphins to Tsukumi Dolphin Island, Oita Prefecture, Japan – a new dolphinarium in Japan, opening in April. Making their overall journey come to a total of 30+ hours…”

“The Taiji Dolphin hunt and trade must stop!”