Tasteless: Restaurant Adds African Lion Tacos

An African lion with his mouth wide open. Photo Credit: Reuters


An Arizona restaurant now boasts an “exotic taco” menu once a week.  Their newest dish: African lion tacos. Lions and other animals are not protected by the Food and Drug Administration unless they are classified as endangered. Watch your back, Fido and Fluffy and any other living being that can be put on a plate for profit.  – Global Animal

IOL News

Tucson – A Tucson taco restaurant already has served up python, alligator, elk, kangaroo, rattlesnake and turtle.

What’s next? Lion meat.

Boca Tacos y Tequila says it’s accepting orders for African lion tacos, to be served starting February 16. Bryan Mazon says there are already a few reservations from curious customers.

Mazon says his restaurant started offering exotic tacos on its menu every Wednesday about six months ago and has tried “just about anything we can get our hands on”.

According to the Food and Drug Administration, lion and other game meat can be sold as long as the species isn’t endangered.

The Arizona Daily Star says most of Boca’s exotic tacos range between $3 and $4. The lion tacos will cost $8.75 apiece. – Sapa-AP