Ever wonder how dolphins get to marine parks, “swim with dolphin” resorts and aquariums around the world?

The last time we posted a story about this group, they were keeping Misty, a captured dolphin from Taiji, Japan’s infamously bloody cove, segregated in a filthy unfiltered tank. Your actions and protest were instrumental in getting the Dolphin Base to move Misty to a clean tank with other dolphins. Let’s do it again and put pressure on these dolphin traders to clean up their act. – Global Animal

Japan – After almost 24 hours since being pulled from the water, three Pacific White Sided Dolphins are clinging to life onboard a truck that is now trapped in a blizzard.

Since the start of the dolphin hunting season, members of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society have been closely reporting on the brutal slaughter and capture of wild dolphins at the infamous Cove in Taiji.

Yesterday the three dolphins were lifted from sea pens where they were being held. They were sedated, packed with ice into wooden crates, and loaded into the back of a truck by handlers from the infamous Dolphin Base, international exporter of dolphins from Taiji.

Sea Shepherd activists followed the truck, expecting it to deliver the dolphins to Osaka Airport for transit abroad. Instead, the truck with its live cargo continued north. In a snowstorm, it hit a guardrail stopping it in its tracks.

News broke of the incident after details spread across the social networking site Facebook, promoting thousands into contacting Japanese embassies worldwide to report the incident and request assistance.

No details of a rescue plan have so far come to light.

No place for dolphins: Three dolphins inside this truck cling to life while in transport to be marine park “entertainment.” photo credit: Nicole Mclachlan.

To register your outrage, contact your Japanese embassy or call the Dolphin Base directly:

Hotel Dolphin Resort

703-15 Moriura,

Taiji-cho, Higashimuro-gun,

Wakayama Prefecture 649-5172,

JapanTel: +81 0735 59 3514 Fax +81 0735 59 2810




  1. japan dood dolfijnen omdat het traditie is. Kan het nog erger.Stuur aub mails op facebook kijk na de cove en op you tube naar dolphinkilling zodat andere mensen kunnen zien wat er allemaal met eigen ogen gebeurd daar in Japan. Hang posters tegen dolfijnenjacht organiseer benefitesals het voor de mens kan kan het toch ook voor deze prachtige dieren of niet soms.Zie dat de media ook aandachtkrijgt van deze brute onmenselijke daad.Vertel het op school en red de dolfijn voor het te laat is ,er zijn al zoveel dieren aan het uitsterven laat wij dat toe dat japan blijft dolfijnen aflachten tot wel 20000 per jaar?? neen toch NEEM AUB ACTIE!!!

  2. I am absolutely disgusted by your actions killing whales and dolphins, I now
    refuse to buy anything that has come from Japan and will continue to do so, and
    will encourage family and friends to do the same .


  3. I recently drew up a petition to get stars to Taiji, Japan to be Cove Guardians. Chris Tashima was kind enough to sign the petition. I started following him on Twitter yesterday. I sent a tweet to him asking to sign my petition and retweet it. He graciously did so.

    Here is the petition: http://www.change.org/petitions/a_star_is_overdue_as_a_cove_guardian_in_taiji_japan

    Screenshot of hie signature:

    This is the actual response from Mr. Tashima: http://twitter.com/#!/christashima/status/31482073554362368

    Here is The Cove PSA in which he appears. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k62kc07m1Dc

  4. How disgusting. I have contacted the Japanese Embassy in the UK (where I am from) they are not interested whatsoever, the women I was put through to said she was ‘very busy’ as I was trying to explain what happened. She also told me that she did not know what she could do. This is someone who works at the Japanese embassy in the agricultural department. I mentioned that surely she must have a contact or someone in Japan who could push a rescue forward? She drew a blank. What more can be done? These beautiful animals are going to die if help does not come quickly…I feel so helpless..

  5. I am following the story very closely on the dolphins trapped on a truck in Japan. I am in the Cayman Islands working, but am from the UK. If I was in England I would be contacting the Japanese Embassy there. I am hoping this will be passed on.
    It is extremely urgent that the Japanese make an extreme effort to try and save these dolphins. I am sure by now they are suffering. This is an absolute OUTRAGE. They are trapped on a back of a truck with no water and surely the sedation is wearing off by now. This is cruel beyond belief. They should not be there in the first place but now this situation is here, the Japanese must do the right thing and save them before they die a slow agonising death on a back of a truck!

  6. Let the dolphins Free! The dolphins captured over 24 hours in a truck, this is inhuman and cruel, this is a Shame of Taiji, Shame on you Taiji, murder from over 1000 dolphins per year!
    This are not the dolphins from Taiji(Japan) you have stolen all the dolphins fromt the sea, SHAME ON YOU TAIJI and DOLPHIN RESORT!!!!!!!