In Sweden, you can watch a movie with your pup. Photo Credit: Gerd Linden

What’s believed to be the first-ever dog cinema opened in Sweden. The theater project, initiated by Fox Home Entertainment, celebrated its grand opening during Sweden’s annual pet exhibition. It gave pooches the chance to watch one of their famous peers in the movie Marmaduke, which stars George the Great Dane.

“A cinema for dogs! This sounded like music to me,” project manager Gerd Linden told “A movie with a dog as the principal actor at a pet exhibition? [How] could we do something else?”

There were eight screenings during the fair, each seating up to 20 dogs (and their guardians, too.  Istead of chowing down on popcorn, the pups devoured goodie bowls provided by Pedigree, who sponsored the event.  It turned out that most of them were too focused on the snacks than the movie itself.

“To be honest, most of the dogs laid their eyes on the food,” Linden says, “but at least they could be with their owners during the cinema and not be left at home.

“We intend to continue this next year and also welcome other pets,” Linden says. “We might have dogs, cats and snakes — though not in the same row.”

– Global Animal