A frog hitches a ride with a snake during Oz flood. Photo Credit: Armin Gerlach

When floods hit Queensland, Australia, it seemed as though frogs were out of  luck.  We are happy to report that one frog did in fact make it to safety when aid came from a most unlikely source, a snake!  The snake let the frog hop right on top of him and brought him safely to shore.  This unsuual event seems to go against nature, but one onlooker says animals often help one another during natural disasters, even if it means going against their natural instincts.  We can’t help but smile when we think of this surprising friendship! – Global Animal

ninemsn, By Anne Lin

Computer technician Armin Gerlach was visiting friends in the flood-hit town of Dalby, located in the state’s south-east, last week when he spotted the unlikely pair.

“I felt amazement, I just couldn’t believe it,” Mr Gerlach told ninemsn.

Mr Gelach said a friend who had been affected by many floods told him animals often helped each other out during disasters.

“It’s quite common when you have animals in floods or fires or disasters, they actually get together and don’t do anything,” he said.

“[My friend] has seen foxes and rabbits forget their hunting instincts during natural disasters,” he said.

Mr Gelach said he and his friends were inspecting flood damage on the property, where waters had risen to about 47cm.