As our dog Stanley sleeps in at the foot of our bed, hogging the covers, we don’t understand keeping a dog outside in freezing cold weather. We wouldn’t want to sleep in an uninsulated doghouse, why would he? And trying to heat a plastic doghouse with a heat lamp that can possibly set it on fire is even a worse idea. Good intentions maybe, but not thinking through the possible repercussions. Cold weather brings many challenges for your pet. Click on the link below to find out how to keep your pet safe during winter. And remember the term “three dog night” came from curling up with dogs to keep warm on cold nights. Works for us! – Global Animal

CALGARY, CANADA — Despite suffering second- and third-degree burns over most of her body, a two-year-old Staffordshire terrier named Justice is still wagging her tail.

“She is doing well for the trauma she’s been through,” said Desiree Arsenault, the communications manager with the Calgary Humane Society. “She’s being very pleasant, the veterinarian said she has some real spirit in her.”

The next few days will be challenging for the resilient chocolate-brown pup, she said.

During the holidays, Justice’s owner placed her outside in a plastic pet kennel under a heat lamp to keep her warm. The carrier caught fire, covering the dog with molten plastic. She was transferred to Calgary from her home in Red Deer, Alta., this week to receive advanced surgery that will likely involve skin grafts.

“A lot of skin damage has been done and there are third-degree burns. When the officer arrived on scene, he said parts of the blanket melted to her paws. It’s a pretty severe case that we’re dealing with.”

Justice is covered with bandages that require frequent changes.

The dog’s owner has been fined by Alberta Animal Services in Red Deer and Arsenault said the Alberta SPCA is investigating the incident. The man called Alberta Animal Services at about 4 a.m. on the day of the incident. He said he had saved his dog, but needed help receiving medical treatment.

The owner has failed to pick Justice up and the dog is now in the care of the humane society.

Dogs left outside during extreme cold weather are required by law to have access to a heated doghouse, Arsenault added. However, makeshift attempts are “generally speaking, a very bad idea.”

“If you do have to leave a pet outside in extreme weather conditions, make sure the heat source is appropriate,” she said.

Even so, she said pet owners should bring their dogs inside when the temperature falls below -15 C.

“There are certain structures that you can purchase that are safe, but it’s always good to check the wiring.”

Justice is receiving painkillers and regular dressing changes. She is expected to undergo surgery when his condition is stabilized.

If the terrier pulls through, Arsenault expects she’ll be put up for adoption.

The humane society has said it’s recorded an increase in animal neglect cases as more pet owners have been unable to pay their veterinary bills during the recession.

To help with Justice’s case, the organization is asking for donations to its Phoenix Fund, a program created to help animals who need extraordinary medical care.

Calgary Herald

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