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<p>Headed for slaughter ... bobby calf. Photo Credit: Animals Australia</p>

Got Milk? Calves Slaughtered For Dairy Production

AUSTRALIA — Dairy cows must first have a calf in order to produce milk. These male calves are often slaughtered after a short, horrific time spent starving in a slaughterhouse (and the atrocity called, veal.) Learn what cruel practices are currently in effect, and what further cruelties are about to be dumped on these calves. […]

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Wild Chimps in Africa Deactivate Snares Used By Hunters

Chimpanzees Deactivate Traps, Outsmart Hunters

A group of African chimpanzees has figured out how to deactivate potentially deadly hunting snares without causing any harm to themselves. Not only is this a positive indicator of the general well-being of the chimps, this discovery may be groundbreaking in terms of how scientists view chimpanzee learning, and animal intelligence in general. Find out […]

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Congo Rangers On Patrol

Militia Kills 8 Park Rangers In Congo

January 24, 2011, CONGO – In a case where the worst of human nature destroys the best, eight rangers have been killed protecting the last 720 mountain gorillas on the planet by remnants of the genocidal maniacs responsible for the million people butchered in Rwanda.

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<p>Officials in the town of Reconvilier are trying to reduce their deficit problem by enacting a 1904 tax penalty. Photo Credit: ascappaatura </p>

Swiss Town Threatens Pets To Collect Taxes

SWITZERLAND — A small town has generated a big controversy with its plan to enact a 1904 law that allows the government to kill the dogs of owners who refuse to pay the dog tax. Although the plan is to avoid killing any dogs, is it right to endanger a life because of a $48.50 […]

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Rowdy Rat Terrier Rescues Dauchsand Dog From Drain Pipe

Rat Terrier Hero Rescues Canine Friend

Historically, Rat Terriers were bred for the purpose of hunting small game, like rats and squirrels. Now, they usually exist as family companions, but in the case of this pint-size hero, deep-down hunting instincts emerged and worked for the greater good. Read on to learn how Rowdy the Rat Terrier saved the life of a […]

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<p>A clerk holds a rabbit for sale at a Singapore pet shop. Photo credit: CNN</p>

Year Of The Rabbit Doesn’t Bode Well For Bunnies

CHINA — With the Chinese New Year just around the corner, many people are purchasing pet bunnies in honor of the Year of the Rabbit. Mail-order rabbits are dying, and the few that do arrive at a new home are often neglected and abandoned because the family is unprepared for the needs of a pet. […]

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