Polar Bears Destroy BBC Spy Cameras

(POLAR BEARS/ANIMAL VIDEOS) BBC producers trying to spy on polar bears with clever hidden cameras discovered that it’s actually the bears who call the shots. Or rather, destroy them. Watch as the sneaky cameras are outed and devoured. This is our kind of reality TV! (Kardashians: You’ve been seriously upstaged.)

BBC documentary cameras are no match for the curiosity of  polar bears. Producers of the BBC show “Polar Bear: Spy on the Ice” tried to trick their documentary “talent” on the Arctic islands of Svalbard by hiding weather-resistant cameras inside casings that looked like ice floes and other snow formations. The producers hoped to capture the goings on on of the polar bears in their natural habitat, in the style of the Animal Planet’s “Meerkat Manor.”

The producers didn’t manage to outwit the inquisitive bears, though. Once the polars got hold of the cameras, which are designed to survive in temperatures as low as -40 degree Celsius, they were clawed, gnawed, crushed and ultimately destroyed. The high tech devices in some instances even caught the moment of they became lunch.See the awesome video below. – Global Animal