Good work by Nairobi airpot police in grabbing this would-be smuggler before she left the country with her bloody spoils. The question is, what happens now? Until smugglers are punished with serious jail time, the lure of easy money will be too much for the soulless people who would profit over the death of these magnificent and familial animals, who deeply mourn when one of their herd has died. We say throw the book at them! – Global Animal

NAIROBI (AFP) – Kenyan police arrested a Thai woman at Nairobi airport as she checked in for a flight to Bangkok with 20 kilogrammes of illegal ivory, the wildlife service said on Sunday.

The woman was arrested Saturday night while in transit from Maputo in Mozambique with 105 pieces of ivory jewellery and raw ivory. She will be arraigned before a magistrate Monday, Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) said in a statement.

The latest arrest comes two weeks after Kenyan police apprehended two Bangkok-bound Singaporeans who were checking in 92 kilos of illegal raw ivory at Nairobi airport.

Kenya, which has successfully repopulated several herds of elephants in recent years, is a major source of smuggled ivory and has seen a rise in poaching lately.

The recent deployment of teams of sniffer dogs at Nairobi airport has facilitated arrests of smugglers of wildlife and wildlife products.

Thailand is a known transit point for the ivory, most of which is then sent to China, where it is used in medicines and ornaments.