Newborn pandas are a rare enough occurrence to be a cause of celebration. Congratulations to Lun Lun for her new baby boy!

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Dec. 2, 2010, ATLANTA – The newborn panda at Zoo Atlanta was given a clean bill of health Thursday.

“He looks great and is progressing well for this stage in his one month long life,” said Dr. Hayley Murphy, director of veterinary services for Zoo Atlanta.

The unnamed cub is the only giant panda to be born in the U.S. in 2010.

He weighed in Thursday at 2.2 pounds and is 13.7 inches long from the tip of his nose to the end of his tail. He has a full coat of hair and continues to nurse with his 13-year old mother Lun Lun in their den.

“His mother is taking great care of him and has great maternal instincts,” said Murphy. “We checked his vital signs this morning and discovered that he’s in great shape, eating well and is an average size for a panda of his age.”

The veterinary team removes him once a week from Lun Lun for a check-up. Round-the-clock monitoring also occurs through a video surveillance at the zoo.

The newborn is the third offspring for Lun Lun and his 13-year-old father Yang Yang. All three births have been the products of artificial insemination.

Following a Chinese tradition, panda cubs are not named until they are 100 days old. The zoo plans to soon announce an event surrounding the naming of the panda.

The newborn will not be on display for the general public until Spring of 2011.