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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Horses Latest Victims Of Drug Trade

ARIZONA – Working horses nearly to death to carry drugs over the Mexican border and then abandoning them to wander in the desert is a new low for animal cruelty, reminiscent of treatment seen in Dickensian times. Is this yet another reason to legalize marijuana? Or do we add this to the list of human suffering in order to supply Americans with a seemingly insatiable need for drugs? – Global Animal

Polar Bears Destroy BBC Spy Cameras

(POLAR BEARS/ANIMAL VIDEOS) BBC producers trying to spy on polar bears with clever hidden cameras discovered that it's actually the bears who call the shots. Or rather, destroy them. Watch as the sneaky cameras are outed and devoured. This is our kind of reality TV! (Kardashians: You've been seriously upstaged). -- Global Animal

Pamela Anderson PETA Video Banned

Wow, Hong Kong airport has deemed this PETA video called "Cruelty Doesn't Fly," featuring Pamela Anderson camping it up, too racy! Is this the same Hong Kong of laissez faire capitalism and a thriving red light district? Or is violence against animals like violence in other media – just fine, but sex is off limits. Watch and tell us if you think the video is silly, sexy or no big deal. – Global Animal

Ivory Smuggler Caught In Nairobi Airport

Good work by Nairobi airpot police in grabbing this would-be smuggler before she left the country with her bloody spoils. The question is, what happens now? Until smugglers are punished with serious jail time, the lure of easy money will be too much for the soulless people who would profit over the death of these magnificent and familial animals, who deeply mourn when one of their herd has died. – Global Animal

Rebel Yell: I’m Stuck, Get Me Out Of Here!

LOS ANGELES – Sometimes curiosity gets the cat, sometimes the dog. This story had a happy ending for Rebel the German Shepherd, who looks distressed and maybe a wee bit embarrassed  in this photo.  - Global Animal

US Shark Fin Restrictions Have No Bite In Hong Kong

What does it mean to be dubbed "The Grand Central Station" of shark finning? In Hong Kong, it means that over ten tons of shark fins pass through in a given year, cut out of the 38 million sharks that are left to sink to the ocean's bottom, drowning, victims of bad tradition. That number is so huge, it's incomprehensible. And reprehensible.

Armenia’s First Dolphinarium Opens Amidst Protest

ARMENIA – The bad news is another dolphinarium opened, this time in Armenia. The good news is that an alliance of 50 Armenian environmental groups and animal-welfare organizations gathered outside the new dolphinarium in protest.

Japan’s Bunnies Get Decked Out For Year Of The Rabbit

JAPAN– (PHOTOS/VIDEO) The year 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit on the Chinese zodiac calendar. See how a pet store in Yokohama, Japan, got into the festive spirit.

Japanese Whalers Double Hunt Area, Thumb Noses At World

Dec. 22, 2010 – Japanese whalers radically changed their slaughter tactics this season in an attempt to foil anti-whaling activists in the Southern Ocean who have formidable resources this year. Japan awarded itself a scientific permit to kill whales in millions of square kilometers of ocean to the south of Australia and the area south of New Zealand. According to Sea Shepherd captain, Paul Watson, "this new special permit has Japan thumbing their noses at both Australia and New Zealand.'' Considering Australia's lawsuit against Japan at the Hague and its proposed aerial surveillance of Japan's "criminal behavior," plus New Zealand's intensified monitoring of their whaling and the worldwide condemnation, Japan seems unconcerned to lose all legal and ethical ground. Japan may have doubled its area of killing and deceit. But the determination of those protecting the whales knows no bounds. – Global Animal

Reindeer Busy On Holiday Circuit, Rudolph Missing

CANADA– A Global Animal Investigation: Reindeer from a family farm in Alberta are popular guests at Santa Claus parades this year. But Rudolph is conspicuously absent from the festivities. Global Animal's source at the North Pole reveals why.

Sweet 17: Dog Gives Birth To 17 Healthy Puppies

BERLIN – (DOG PICTURES/VIDEO) A Rhodesian Ridgeback in Germany named Etana gave birth to 17 puppies, and thanks to her devoted guardian, all eight females and nine males are thriving. Catch the feeding time video and see what it takes to care for this adorable litter of pups.

UPDATE: Baby Koala Frodo Astonishes Vets

(PHOTOS) Happy holiday news: Frodo, the baby koala who was shot multiple times and left for dead, is making an astonishing recovery and is now at a healthy weight of 5.2 pounds, according to the vets at Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital. She is due for another checkup after Christmas. Hooray, feisty Frodo! – Global Animal

WikiLeaks Says EPA Is A Buzz Kill For Bee Colonies

Dec. 20, 2010 – A memo leaked to a Colorado beekeeper indicates that the EPA was well-aware that the pesticide Clothianidin poses serious risks to honey bees, yet the federal agency allowed Bayer to widely use the pesticide on corn, wheat and other staple crops, amounting to a $262 million cash crop for the Fortune 500 pharmaceutical and chemical company. Sickening? – Global Animal

Michael Vick Wants A Dog (Enough, Already!)

Redemption or rhetoric?  Is Michael Vick incurable or does he deserve another chance at the privilege of having a dog as a companion? On the one hand, he ruthlessly tortured and killed dogs, stopping not because of a single shard of compassion or consciousness, but only when his house of horrors was seized by police. On the other hand... actually, there is no other hand. Maybe the love of a dog might help rehabilitate him. But having another dog "to show people that I genuinely care" sounds like PR spin to us. We vote no. Start with a caring for a plant and see how you do, Michael. Animals aren't objects that exist for you to make a statement. That's a one-man job, and you've already spoken.  –Global Animal