Clooney, Irish Setter Wins Best In Show At National Dog Show

An Irish Setter named Clooney was the surprise Best In Show winner at this year’s National Dog show. Read how he did it! – Global Animal

Thaindian News, Ranjan Bhaduri, Nov. 26, 2010

A copper hued Irish setter called Clooney emerged the winner of the 2010 National Dog show which was sponsored by Purina. The event was aired on NBC on Thanksgiving day and the dog lovers across the nation enjoyed the program a lot. The cute dog is three years old. Peter Kubacz – his handler was also taken aback by the unexpected win but he was proud nonetheless. Actually nobody expected Clooney to win the top prize owing to his young age but he manged to win at the end. Peter Kubacz told the media after the win of the canine “He loves being in the ring and being around all the people and everyone fussing over him. He is a great show dog in that regard.”

The handler of the champion dog also said that the canine is very lovable in nature. Sometimes they share the same bed. The dog is also very playful by nature and loves playing with various types of toys. Clooney has a very proportionate body and he appears matured than what he is. However, his handler said that he had been handling him just for a few months. He came across the lovely dog for the first time at Irish Setter Club of America’s national specialty competition in June in Wisconsin. He bonded with the dog instantly.

The entire video of the championship can be found at the network’s national dog Show site. The event took place in Philadelphia’sKennel Club. While Clooney bagged the winner’s trophy in the sporting dog’s group the hound group’s winner was a 4-year-old Scottish Deerhound named Hickory.