UNITED KINGDOM – A new wildlife-friendly housing community is open for residents. With special attention paid to protecting the area’s wildlife during construction and for years to come, this community is a good example of responsible building and living. Here’s to the new trend of conscientious building that takes into account the original inhabitants! – Global Animal

This Is Bristol

A new £5.2 million wildlife-friendly housing development in Shirehampton has been completed.

The development, built on a disused allotment site in Myrtle Drive, has been named Ryeleaze – the historic name for the area – and features a specially created wildlife habitat and street lighting designed not to dazzle bats.

The construction was completed by Jephson Homes Housing Association, which relocated more than 100 slow worms and other animals that had previously been living on the site before construction began.

Ryeleaze is made up of 32 new homes and has been built by contractor E.G.Carter, funded with a £1.9 million grant from the Homes and Communities Agency.

The homes are now available for rent, with 25 for general needs, low cost rent and seven for intermediate rent, a new type of tenure for the area.

Ecological surveys of the site had revealed it supported protected species including the slow worms, a type of legless lizard, plus a range of breeding birds, foraging badgers and bats.

The Landmark Practice, an environmental planning and design company, helped to create the wildlife buffer habitat. It was enhanced by improving the hedgerows and planting native trees, scrub and wildflower areas, around the perimeter of the construction area.

Phil Spooner, Development Officer at Jephson, said: “The completion of this development is great news for people seeking to live in the area.”