Before Hercules became a big brother, the gigantic liger bred by a Myrtle Beach wildlife park for tourists (which they claim was an accident) was a model for a photo shoot recreating 1960s London. At first glance, it seems like a 12-ft long, 900-pound prowling beast is on the loose around the streets of London.

Although the colossal liger appears to be strolling across Abbey Road and leaving a London Underground station, Hercules is actually in Freestyle Music Park in South Carolina, and part of a photo shoot orchestrated by the park that bred him. The images are visually arresting, but what do they reveal about the bigger picture? Please weigh in with your thoughts. – Global Animal

Hercules the Liger walks along the infamous Abbey Road set
Hercules the liger walks across the iconic Abbey Road set in a mock-up of London in a U.S. music park.
Abbey Road Beatles
The shot was used as the cover of The Beatles.
Hercules The Liger Outside the London underground
Hercules poses with Ragani Ferrante from TIGERS outside a 'London Underground' station.
Eating from a double decker bus
TIGERS staff feed Hercules from the top of a double decker bus, showing the creature's immense size.
Hercules poses next to a London black cab
Being photographed next to a traditional London black cab again highlights the size of Hercules.

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  1. Hercules is the most famous liger in the world. It has even appeared on the National Geographic and Discovery Channel Network as well. It has also been mentioned in the Guinness Book of World Records as well. According to its owner, a liger can weigh easily upto 1600 pounds in captivity. But they are given balanced diet so that they do not become obese but do remain healthy, fit and active. Hercules consumes about 20 pounds of meat per day. 30 maximum it is given.