In a silly turn of events, a woman walking her pet goat was told to leave the Stormont Estate park because goats aren’t allowed. The reason for the ‘no goats’ rule: it might attack someone. But are vicious goat attacks really a problem? Is this the new ‘snakes on a plane’ terror? – Global Animal

Belfast Telegraph

A woman who owns a pet goat says she’s angry and embarrassed at being booted out of the Stormont Estate while walking her unusual companion.

Maya Dunthorpe said she was approached by park rangers last week and told she had to leave — taking her 18-month-old pet goat Stan ‘The Man’ with her.

“I’ve been taking him up there for a walk about twice a month for the past six months without any problem — in fact the security guards used to come and talk to me about him.

“It was good for him as it got him used to strangers and it was good for me as I have a dodgy hip, so when it was nice weather, we used to go for a long walk.

“That’s why I got him, really. I had a very overgrown garden and couldn’t manage it with my hip, so got Stan and he’s nearly cleared it all.”

Ms Dunthorpe, who lives nearby, said that all changed last week.

“A van pulled up and the two rangers told me I couldn’t have a goat in the estate in case it attacked someone. I told them he wasn’t aggressive, but they said he wasn’t insured and there were signs saying only dogs were allowed on the estate.”

She said she will take Stan elsewhere for a walk.