AUSTRALIA – Forget about bedbugs, imagine waking up surrounded by 400 of the world’s deadliest spiders. And in public – which might be an even worse nightmare! Read what drove this man to the arachnids. – Global Animal

A Melbourne man is about to spend just over three weeks in a shop window living with 400 spiders, to raise money for charity.

Nick Le Souef is attempting to break a record he set 30 years ago.

He will be sharing his shop window with hundreds of redback spiders, blackhouse spiders and huntsmen.

But he is not worried about getting bitten.

“Redbacks are very calm. Once they make their webs and their sort of little nests, they don’t move around,” he said.

“So they and I will not be crossing paths, because I’ll be sleeping in my swag on top of my stretcher, and they’ll be underneath the stretcher.”

Mr Le Souef used to own a reptile park at Rosanna, south-east of Melbourne, and describes himself as an opal miner with a penchant for snakes and spiders.

“I’m not afraid of them, but it’s just that I’m not overly keen on them,” he said.

Mr Le Souef is confident he will not be bitten, but can not say the same for the spiders.

He originally put 400 spiders into the window, but there are not that many left.

“Spiders don’t like each other too much and there’s been a bit of a massacre, so there’s a few less,” he said.

“Some big huntsmen are saying wow here’s lunch coming along.”

He said he was involved in a Variety club charity event recently and was very impressed, so he thought he would repeat his record from 30 years ago.