NEW ZEALAND- The Japanese received a stern warning that their whaling fleet will be closely watched by the New Zealand government in support of its citizens, who have little tolerance left for the annual slaughter in the Southern Sea. The question is: can Japan override its cultural aversion to acknowledging wrongdoing and acquiesce in this losing PR battle? We hope so. Evolving one’s consciousness is an honorable business. – Global Animal

New Zealand Herald

New Zealand has told Japan its whaling ships will be closely watched during the season that is about to start, Foreign Minister Murray McCully says.

He said today the Japanese whalers would be coming into New Zealand’s search and rescue zone and for that reason would be monitored more closely.

“I’ve spoken to the Japanese government and told them that New Zealanders are going to be watching what they do this year,” he said on TV One’s Q&A programme.

“They set themselves a target take in terms of the number of whales they intend to catch – if that is a high number that’s going to upset and antagonise New Zealanders a great deal.

“Even if it’s a lower number … even that is going to be upsetting to many and they know that.”

Mr McCully said he was trying to persuade the Japanese to get out of whaling.

“Sometime in the next five years they’ve got to replace some very expensive equipment, particularly the mother ship, if they intend to keep on whaling in the Southern Ocean,” he said.

“They have got to spend a large amount of money on new plant and face international hostility, particularly from New Zealand.”

Mr McCully said he would be meeting Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd in Canberra this week, and would discuss Japanese whaling with him and the international court case the Australian government is taking against Japan.

New Zealand could join that, and Mr McCully said he wanted to hear about it in detail before a decision was made.


Nov. 17, 2010 (12:01 am): Stay tuned. A New Zealand government agency is slated to release its report tomorrow on the Shonan Maru 2 whaling boat crash with the Sea Shepherd’s Ady Gil vessel. If NZ Maritime declares the Japanese whalers at fault and are critical of their actions, it’s another good signal that the tides are turning at high levels of governments in favor of the whales and those dedicated to their protection. We are following this story as it develops. – Global Animal

Nov. 17, 2010 (4:05 pm): New Zealand’s report on Shonan Maru 2 and Ady Gil collision released: Maritime NZ  Report Blames Both For Antarctic Collision, Ignores Larger Truth


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  1. An open message to Japan:

    The world will no longer tolerate the muder and wholesale slaughter of whales or dolphins under the false pretense of ‘research’, OR for human consumption. Your acts of murder and slaughter are reprehensible by any standard. Your food markets openly sell whale and dolphin meat products and we will no longer support you or your products until this outrage is stopped completely.