(CELEBRITIES/ANIMAL ACTIVISM) What do you think of Pinks new video for “Raise Your Glass?” We love a video that has a pro-animal message, but has this one gone a bit too far? – Global Animal

Ecorazzi, Michael Parrish DuDell.

Pop singer Pink is once again using her musical abilities to speak up for important social issues.

In her latest music video for the song “Raise Your Glass,” the rocker touches on hot topics like same-sex marriage and animal abuse, specifically bullfighting.

In one segment, Pink steps out in front of a bull during a rodeo and raises a sword to the matador execution style. Yikes!

Although Pink hasn’t participated in any anti-bullfighting campaigns that we know of, the singer is a passionate animal advocate and has worked with PETA on numerous occasions.

“It’s little wonder that Pink’s video is so cutting-edge and thought-provoking,” says PETA. “After all, it was directed by another PETA friend—the fabulous (and vegan!) Dave Meyers, who directed our sizzling Alicia Silverstone public service announcement.”

Watch the video here and tell us what you think!

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  1. NO: IT HAS NOT GONE TOO FAR. IT’S AMAZING. I think we should stop being so picky: Pink is not actually slaying a man; she is representing it, acting it. The bullfighters DO kill the bulls, and in a horrible, painful way. To kill one in a simbolic way is nothing wrong; that’s what art is for. And I loved the man’s face, full of fear an pain, because de bull’s face when it is about to be killed at the arena shows just the same.

    I’m so grateful Pink did this video