(ANIMAL RESCUE) Wine and animal lovers can come together at Canine Wines, a vineyard that is committed to fine wine and animal rescue. For every bottle that is sold, Canine Wines donates five dollars to an animal rescue. To that we say cheers! — Global Animal

Canine Wines was inspired by our passions for wine and animals.

We are parents to rescued pets that have brought so much joy and love to our lives, our hope is that everyone could experience the same. To help good animals find their forever home, we give $5 of every bottle we sell to our animal rescue partners.

Our wine is produced with the same love and care we give to our animals. We start with premium grapes, from some of the finest vineyards throughout California. We then handcraft our wines in small batches producing wines we know you will appreciate.

If you are going to buy high quality wine, why not enjoy the wine that will also help kind and loving animals looking for their forever home.

Please join us in our mission: Drink good wine, Save good animals.