When Daisy, a Jack Russell Terrier, rings the bell, patrons at The Three Turns pub know it’s last call. But don’t ask bar owner Ned Clarke how he taught Daisy to ring the bell. This bar trick is self-taught!  – Global Animal

Belfast Republic

A Jack Russell with a special jumping talent has been letting pub regulars know when it’s last orders.

Daisy helps landlord Ned Clarke, 27, call time by leaping out of her basket and on to the bar, where she balances on her hind legs and rings the bell.

The two-year-old times her feat to coincide with her owner shouting “Time please” at The Three Tuns in Bristol.

Mr Clarke said Daisy first won fans with her skills at his previous pub in the Clifton area.

“She always seemed interested when we rang the bell and then one day she just jumped up on to the bar and grabbed the rope in her mouth and went to town,” he told the Bristol Evening Post.

“From that day on that was it and it became an obsession for her.

“She knows she has a little bit of power and she loves it because it has made her famous.”