Nov.12 NIPPER UPDATE: Baby Dolphin Battling Hypothermia

GLOBAL ANIMAL – Here’s the update on Nipper (aka ‘Dulfi’), the rescued baby dolphin at SOS Rescate Fauna Marina in Uruguay.

It appears that Nipper is suffering from hypothermia, which is worrisome as it may aggravate the baby dolphin’s respiratory infection. Last night and into the morning, cold weather conditions caused the water temperature in the pool to drop. The team, which is working around the clock, have heated the pool water and are warming the surrounding environment. The pool also functions as a hospital bed of sorts, as seen in the picture below. Piky the penguin is inseparable from her little dolphin friend and remains on guard over Nipper’s pool. Neither penguin nor dolphin have wanted to eat today. All things considered, Nipper is doing as well as can be expected today and the warmer water is surely a welcome comfort.

We’ve had an outpouring of inquiries and concern from Global Animal readers about Nipper’s health. We will be speaking with Richard Tesore, the director of the SOS Rescate Fauna Marina, over the weekend to get an update. So stay tuned. Meantime, we’re all pulling for Nipper’s full recovery.

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