NIPPER UPDATE: The Baby Dolphin’s Health & The Boys Who Saved Him (New Photos)

Catch the first video of this baby dolphin: Baby Dolphin Gets Swim Lesson

Nov. 12,2010: UPDATE: Rescued Baby Dolphin Battling Hyperthermia

Nov. 10, 2010: GLOBAL ANIMAL–  At SOS Rescate Fauna Marina, a wildlife rescue in Uruguay, a team of volunteers works diligently to save the life of an injured baby river dolphin rescued at Playa Verde beach last week. The volunteers are caring for the two-week-old dolphin 24 hours a day, providing medical attention and nourishment.

The orphaned dolphin was rescued by three young boys – Gonzalo, Felipe, and Joaquin Santos, who named the baby Dulphi, which is being translated as ‘Nipper’ in English. Nipper had net marks on his body and an attached umbilical cord, indicating he was only a few days old. It was the boys’ quick thinking that saved the tiny La Plata dolphin, who was transported to SOS Rescate Fauna Marina for urgent medical care. The baby dolphin was in acute respiratory failure when it was brought to the marine sanctuary.

The dolphin is being fed a formula to replace mother’s milk every three hours that’s a mixture of fish, cream, cereal, water, vitamins and oral rehydration salts. Uruguay’s National Directorate of Aquatic Resources (DI.NA.RA) is providing support for the endangered dolphin’s care as well as the Marine World Foundation, which is providing the breast milk substitute formula.

Once the baby regains his strength and the respiratory symptoms have passed, the team plans to integrate Nipper into a group of wild dolphins in the area with the hope that they will adopt the orphan.

The little dolphin has captured worldwide attention and there is a groundswell of interest in his recovery. Even ‘Piky,’ the penguin seen in photographs with Nipper, seems concerned. Piky came to SOS Rescate Fauna Marina with 30 other oiled penguins, all of whom have been released. But Piky returned after a few hours and has chosen to take up permanent residence at the rescue. Despite not being allowed to swim with the baby dolphin, the curious penguin sticks close to the pool.

Catch the first video of this baby dolphin: Baby Dolphin Gets Swim Lesson

Nipper, a two-week-old La Plata river dolphin, being treated by Richard Tesore at SOS Rescate for respiratory problems.
All smiles for Gonzalo, Felipe and Joaquín Santos who found and saved the injured baby dolphin.
rescued baby dolphin montevideo, uruguay
Piki, an erect-crested penguin, watches as Richard Tesore, head of the NGO Rescate Fauna Marina, holds a baby La Plata river dolphin in Piriapolis, 100 km (62 miles) east of Montevideo. Photograph by: Andres Stapff, Reuters