The Black Fish Interview: What’s Wrong With Sea Parks

Photo by Michael Williams,

In this video blog from Global Animal’s exclusive 3-part interview with the co-founder of The Black Fish, Wietse van der Werf  describes what’s wrong with dolphinariums like Sea World. He explains how the dolphin captivity trade is inextricably connected to the annual slaughter in Taiji and the ghastly conditions for imprisoned dolphins at marine parks (‘dolphinariums’) worldwide. Hear why Wietse van der Werf advocates that the public boycot marine parks, aquariums, and resorts that offer ‘Swim With Dolphins’ activities in order to stop the cruel captivity trade.

Photo by Michael Williams,

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  1. Well said Wietse!
    I have two children and they know the story about dolphinariums I have explained it by using the easy words (they are 7 and 4 years old) that orca’s,dolphins ect ect. belong in the Ocean and not doing “tricks”for our entertainment.
    My daughter(7) loves dolphins and one of her friend said that she should go to hardewijk to see them,she answered that it is cruel for dolphins to be at that place and that they belong in the ocean.
    I have learned a lot,since I become a donateur of SeaShepherd and it makes me proud that a Dutch steps up and create awareness.
    I applaud the black fish actions in Taiji to try to free the dolphins!