The verdict is out on this rhino’s name: Phila, or £1 – One Pound. Whatever the name, this resilient black rhino has a new home where she’ll be safe: the Johannesburg Zoo. International attention fell on the rhino after she was shot nine times by ruthless poachers. Activists urged rapper 50 Cent, also shot nine times, to adopt Phila (if he did adopt her, she’d definitely be named One Pound), but the artist did not respond to the pleas. Normally we wouldn’t condone sending an animal to live in a zoo, but Phila’s had it rough – and this conservation-minded zoo might be just the place for this resilient gal to finally rest. See the  photos below of her transfer to Johannesburg. – Global Animal

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A blindfolded Phila is guided into a trailer in order to transport her to Johannesburg Zoo. Phila, a black rhino, was shot nine times by rhino poachers in two separate incidents. Mookgophong, Limpopo.

Phila, a black rhino, is released into her enclosure at the Johannesburg Zoo after being transported from a farm in Limpopo.