Remember when you were a kid and were willing to do anything to get a pet? Read seven-year-old Ebo’s essay about why she wants a dog – and relive your childhood. – Global Animal

By Ebo:

Why Do I Want a Dog?

Because dogs are really nice and I don’t want the poor dogs to die at the pound, and I love all dogs, and I want to help a girl baby dog, and I love animals, and I really care about their culture.

Why I deserve a dog.

Because I want to learn responsibility and love for different animals, and I know dogs can be a lot of work but I promise to care of all of it.

Here is what I will do for the dog.

Train Dog

Bathe Dog

Pick up Poop for Dog

Feed Dog Meat and All Foods

Love Dog

Be Nice to Dog

Take Dog on Walks

Be Calm and Patient to Dog

List people to dog sit when we are out.






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