UK – Dozens of bald chickens recently rescued from a factory farm with battery cages are wearing hand-knit sweaters – or jumpers – until their feathers grow back. Their cozy and fashionable winter attire is thanks to a group of local knitters, who sound like, if we may say, great chicks themselves.  – Global Animal

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Animal lovers have come to the rescue of a group of featherless chickens – by knitting them their very own woolly jumpers.

Sunny the chicken and his not so feathered friends have recently been re-homed after being rescued from a battery farm.

Many of them are missing their plumage due to the conditions they used to live in.

In order to keep them warm until their feathers grow back, haberdashery shop owner Amy Leader, from Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire, organised an ‘knit-in’.

A group of enthusiastic knitters gathered at her shop to pick up their needles and produce a rainbow coloured array of tiny jumpers.

Ms Leader commented: “It went really well. We had about 60 jumpers completed on the day with more people finishing them off at home”.

Now Sunny and his other jumper-clad friends can be seen happily running around in the latest farmyard fashion, unconcerned by the chilly weather.