Arthur Jeon, Global Animal

“Cleo’s gift is the gift of spirit, the gift of love, friendship, loyalty, devotion, joy, innocence, playfulness, connectivity and everything we long for but already have,” Deepak Chopra says in a sonorous voice, while walking his son’s dog, Cleo, in a USA Today video.

Why is Deepak Chopra finally making so much sense?

Turns out he’s combined with his son and written about how dogs can help us spend time in the moment and enjoy every precious second of life. Walk with them and loved ones, he says in “Walking Wisdom: Three Generations, Two Dogs and the Search for a Happy Life” (Hyperion, $24.99) by Gotham Chopra with Deepak.

We at Global Animal know what every dog guardian already knows: dogs are enlightened creatures and we humans are just here to pick up their poop!

Glad Deepak has caught on!