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A pig born with only its two front legs has become a local celebrity in China after learning to walk.

The 10-month-old pig manages to balance and walk on her front legs even though she now weighs more than 50kg.

Named by villagers Zhu Jianqiang (strong-willed pig), the pig attracts crowds of visitors to its owner’s home each day.

Wang Xihai, of Liuqiao village, Xincai County, central China’s Henan Province, said it was one of nine born in a litter in January.

“My wife asked me to dump it but I refused, as it’s a life,” he explained.

“I thought I should give it a chance to survive, and amazingly it has.”

Wang started training the two-legged piglet to walk when it was just a few days old by lifting it up by its tail.

“I trained her a little each day. After a month, she could walk upside down on her own,” he said.

“A circus offered me a lot of money for her but I won’t sell no matter what they offer.”