Monthly Archives: October 2010

Student Finds Giant Red-Feathered Penguin Fossil

PERU- A Peruvian student discovered a nearly 5-foot tall fossilized penguin with red feathers. 'Pedro,' who's about 36 million years old and nearly twice as big as Emperor penguins, may provide insight about today's smaller penguins.

Dogs Sniff Out Amazingly Diverse Dangers

Dogs can sniff out dangers we could never detect. Check out several surprising ways our four-legged friends help us keep us safe.

Adieu to Paul the World Cup Psychic Octopus; Hello To His Successor

Oct. 28, 2010 GERMANY - This week we said goodbye to Paul, the octopus with a talent for predicting World Cup winners. Today ,we say hello to his successor, also named Paul!

Kangaroo Loves Footy And Watching TV With Mom

AUSTRALIA - (VIDEO) Kangaroos are everywhere in Australia, but they're rarely found playing football and watching TV. See how Beemer, a red kangaroo adopted by a woman after his mother died, is one of a kind.

Dolphin meat contains dangerous levels of mercury. Photo credit: The Cove

Dolphin Hunters and Anti-Hunting Activists Meet To Discuss Dolphin Slaughter

TOKYO-Anti-hunting activists and dolphin fishermen will meet for the first time Nov. 2 in Taiji, Japan to discuss the annual dolphin slaughter.

Santa Barbara Fatal Shark Attack Only Thirteenth In California History

CALIFORNIA - In a rare fatal shark attack, a UCSB student was killed while surfing in Santa Barbara. In 2009, roughly 100 million sharks were killed by humans for shark-fin soup. In contrast, there were five fatal attacks worldwide.

Knitters Donate Sweaters To Bald Chickens

UK - Dozens of bald chickens recently rescued from a factory farm with battery cages are wearing hand-knit sweaters – or jumpers – until their feathers grow back. Their cozy and fashionable winter attire is thanks to a group of local knitters.

Missouri Puppy Mills Give Abused Dogs False AKC Papers

Missouri's proposition B may be bad news for the puppy breeding business. Michael Markarian, Human Society Legislative Fund President, tells how the puppy mills are not only abusing the dogs, but are giving them false papers.

The Pet Economy: More than Movies, Music & Video Games Combined

UNITED STATES - How much is that doggy in your window? For millions of people, the answer is 'priceless.' Americans put their money where their meow is, now spending over $41 billion a year on their fluffy, feathered, and finned family members.

Don’t Believe The Email: These Aren’t Turtle Egg Poachers!

COSTA RICA- An email chain going around about 'World Shame Coast,' where sea turtle eggs are supposedly being poached, is a hoax. The people in the pictures aren't poachers – they're part of an effort to stabilize the turtle population!

Research Proves Whale Poop Is Invaluable

NOVA SCOTIA, CANADA – This research doesn't bode well for whaling. Read how giant mammals, such as whales, play a crucial role in recycling nitrogen, which is to say, help sustain the planet we share. It's whales' enormous volume of waste we have to thank, which feeds the marine ecosystem.

Unlikely Dogs Become Search And Rescue Heroes

Read how shelter dogs who are pulled from impending euthanasia are saving lives as search and rescue heroes in disaster-stricken places like Haiti. Don't you just love stories about animal heroes – especially those who were almost given up on? This one from the New York Times will make your heart soar.

Do You Know 50 Cent? Help Save This Rhino!

SOUTH AFRICA - Earlier this week, we reported on a group looking to get the rapper 50 Cent involved in saving a black rhino who survived getting shot nine times, just like the artist. Now, in a six-degrees-of-separation plea, we're asking Global Animal readers to help us contact 50 Cent!

Crowds Show Up Worldwide To Protest Japanese Dolphin Slaughter

INTERNATIONAL - Thousands of protesters gathered in front of Japanese Consulates around the world, partaking in "International Save The Dolphins Day," trying to stop the annual dolphin slaughter in Taiji, Japan.