In this Global Animal interview with Captain Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd, Watson addresses the allegations that he is anti-Japanese or Japan-bashing. Hear Watson make the point that his daughter is half-Asian and that anti-whaling and protecting whales from slaughter is an international concern, among other compelling statements.

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  1. i think what you and your people are are all very come they never publish this so called reserch/and i think you should record under water when they kill these wonderfull animals.I have also  seen them on the news killing the dolphins, i hope this will be stopped.I hope you can continue with your mission,its better to watch these beautifull animals then kill them.i would sign a pertion to have a copy of this reserch if they had to print millions of them it would cost them a lot.could you use smoke to stop them firing at the whales.good luck and god bless your next mission.xx