ABC News, Gregg Burrage
TAMPA – In a scene that might be reminiscent of an episode of MacGyver, Tampa Police made a daring rescue of a stranded kitten trapped inside a storm drain.

Neighbors frantically called 911 to report a frightened kitten meowing from inside a storm drain.

Field Training Officer Colin McCoy and Probationary Officer Aaron Campbell responded to the scene, and found the feline approximately 9 feet below ground level, stranded on a thin ledge just above the water (see the pictures in the slide show above).

With no other agency ready to jump in and assist in the rescue operation, the officers were on their own. First, they grabbed a rope, and a bucket was provided by a nearby resident. Some cat food was put in the bucket to lure the kitten inside. The kitten “took the bait” and jumped into the bucket.

The officers were then able to slowly pull the kitten up the nine long feet to dry land and to safety.

Officers took the kitten to a local veterinarian, and one of the animal doctors has agreed to adopt the kitten.