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Dog-napped Chihuahua Reunited With Owner

AUSTRALIA- The reward offered by the owner for the safe return of her stolen chihuahua: $5,000. The tears and kisses when they were reunited: Priceless.

Paul Watson and Sea Shepherd Crew

Capt. Paul Watson on: Japanese Whalers ‘Trying To Kill Us’

September 28,2010 (VIDEO) There's never a dull moment hearing Captain Paul Watson state his position on behalf of his clients, the whales! In this new interview, he discusses the life-threatening actions taken by the Japanese whalers against  Sea Shepherd volunteers.

Capt. Paul Watson On: Being ‘Anti-Japanese’

Sept. 28,2010 (VIDEO) In this interview with Captain Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd, Watson addresses the allegations that he is anti-Japanese or Japan-bashing. Hear Watson make the point that his daughter is half-Asian and that anti-whaling and protecting whales from slaughter is an international concern, among other compelling statements.

Capt. Paul Watson on: Being A ‘Terrorist’

Sept. 28,2010 (VIDEO) The most controversial videos in the series yet! In this compelling interview with Sea Shepherd's Paul Watson, the Captain addresses the attacks that he and Sea Shepherd are 'terrorists.' Watson also discusses being on INTERPOL's watch list and what it's like to be tracked like fellow 'terrorist,' His Holiness, The Dalai Lama.

Couch Potato Hound Fails Tracking Test

(VIDEO) In a homespun nature vs. nurture experiment, a man urges his basset hound, Elvis, to get in touch with his wild side. Turns out, turning on Elvis' hound heritage isn't so simple. But it is very funny.

DiCaprio Heading To India To ‘Save Tigers Now’

September 27,2010–  Leonardo DiCaprio’s campaign with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to draw awareness to the plight of the 3,200 remaining tigers in the wild will take the actor-activist to India.

Scientists Developing Deodorant For Smelly Birds

NEW ZEALAND– You may have read about birth control for stateside pigeons. Now, scientists in New Zealand are trying to develop a deodorant for their native birds like the Kiwi – not to bring others closer, but to keep predators away.

End Of Rebel War Means Boom In Ugandan Wildlife

Sept. 27, 2010 UGANDA – Wildlife populations in Uganda's national parks have boomed during the past 10 years as a result of the end of the rebel war, which has contributed to a decline in poaching.

Seven Animals Being Eaten To Extinction

(ENDANGERED SPECIES) Animals on the dinner plate or animals on the planet? The United States is one of the world's largest consumers of wildlife, with mass amounts imported illegally. As human populations increase and consumers demand rare and exotic meals, endangered animals are being hunted for food at an increasingly alarming rate. Here are seven species being eaten to extinction... –- Global Animal

MacGyver Would Approve: Police Officer’s Rescue Of Trapped Kitten

FLORIDA – Tampa Police officers use a bucket, a rope and a little ingenuity to rescue a kitten trapped in a storm drain.

Super Dumb: A Gallery Of Stupid Animal Smugglers

(PHOTO GALLERY) Anyone who attaches animals to their body or stuffs them in a suitcase is undeniably stupid or greedy – but the people in this rogue's gallery of moronic animal smugglers are both. Check out their schemes in pictures.

Taiji ‘Fishermen’ Caught Killing 15 Pilot Whales In Dolphin Slaughter Cove

JAPAN – The first victims of the slaughter are 15 pilot whales that marine park trainers rejected. The 'fishermen'  tried to cover up the killings, illustrating that it's butchering business as usual in The Cove, except with a wider blood-soaked net.

Michael Vick’s Abused Dogs Get New Lives & Love

(PHOTO GALLERY) The pit bulls that were saved from quarterback Michael Vick's despicable dog fighting house of horrors endured the worst of humankind. But now, many are flourishing in happy environments, thanks to dedicated people who embody the best of human qualities. Check out this moving photo gallery.

More Breathing Room For Koalas In Brisbane

AUSTRALIA – Fifty koalas in Daisy Hill Conservation Park will get more room to roam and populate with an expansion to the park of 127 hectares (1 hectare = 2.47 acres). This addition will expand the park by a third, giving those adorable koalas a chance to stretch out and live the high life.