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Monthly Archives: August 2010

The Animal-Cruelty Syndrome

(ANIMAL ABUSE) Pet abuse is the canary in the coal mine for virtually all violent pathologies. Psychologists, lawmakers and law-enforcement officers are increasingly making this connection and using a more active approach to identify pet abuse indicators. — Global Animal

Indonesia’s Largest Zoo Morphing Into Endangered Animal Cemetery

(ZOO) JAKARTA — Every single animal in Indonesia's largest zoo may die in the next five years. That includes 13 remaining Sumatran tigers and many other critically endangered animals. Why? Small, filthy cages, a staff stealing food meant for animals. And no one is doing anything about it. — Global Animal

Factory Farm Reality Check: Half-Billion Eggs Recalled

(FARM) WASHINGTON — In the 'no big surprise' category - torturous conditions for the world's factory farmed chickens create disease. In one of the biggest US  food-safety recalls, more than a half-billion eggs were stripped from supermarket shelves in the last week over fears of salmonella poisoning.  Michael Pollan (The Omnivore's Dilemma), Jonathan Safran Foer (Eating Animals), and other factory farm experts give nine reasons to beware of eggs. — Global Animal

The Case For Vegetarianism: Our Pleasure vs. Sensitive Life

Israeli writer Orna Rinat presents an impassioned argument that according to prevailing scientific thought, animals have sensitivity and the ability to suffer. And therefore, we must have compassion for animals. This means making the ethical decision to not choose our pleasure over the life of another being. Agree, disagree, discuss.

What Bull: Spain’s Opposition Party Trying To Revoke Bullfighting Ban

MADRID- Although bullfighting was recently banned in the Catalonia region, some politicians want the bloody spectacle to return and revoke Catalonia's epic success. Cruelty is 'culture'? That's B.S...

1,000 Pounds Of Food Stolen From Pennsylvania Animal Shelter

PENNSYLVANIA- 50 bags of cat and dog food that had been donated to an animal shelter in Pennsylvania were stolen overnight. Who does that?!

UPDATE: No Ban On Pet Sales In San Francisco Yet

SAN FRANCISCO- San Francisco proved that it was all bark and no bite today when city comisisoners decided to put off voting on pet sale ban until 'at lest january.'

Can A Leopard Change Its Spots?

Online Shopping Is For Bargain Hunting, Not Endangered Animals

The internet is a great place to find a deal. Unfortunately, what some people are looking for are exotic, illegally poached animals. See these seven glorious and endangered creatures that are being traded like baseball cards on the world wide web.

Researchers Find Promising Evidence Of Fishes’ Adaptability to Climate Change

CANADA-A team of researchers experimenting with temperature change and saltwater sticklebacks finds promising evidence that some species can adapt to rapid climate change faster than expected.

Dog Suffers PTSD After Iraq Duty As Bomb-Sniffer

(WORKING DOGS) – Gina, a highly trained bomb-sniffing German Shepherd, went to Iraq a happy dog, and came back from combat with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Read how soldier dogs, or Military Working Dogs (MWDs), are also paying the emotional costs of war. – Global Animal

Community Works Together To Track Rare Turtle

CANADA-A rare, endangered turtle has been spotted in a new area. Community residents were unaware of the rarity of the turtle with red stripes but have since been coming together to track the population and improve it's chances of survival.

Scientist Saving Wombats From Being Roadkill

AUSTRALIA- A Canadian scientist has taken her skills to Australia where she is actively researching the increase in wombat deaths on the road and how roads and highways are fragmenting animal populations and putting them at risk.

13 Service-Dogs-To-Be Need Foster Homes

VANCOUVER-13 puppies destined to be assistance dogs needs homes. Read on to learn more about this exciting opportunity and project.

Photo Debut for Unusual Primate Believed Extinct

SRI LANKA- An adorble and once thought extinct Horton Plains Slender Loris was caught on film this year. This unusual primate is highly endangered and if not protected will soon be found only on film instead of in the forests of Sri Lanka.