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Monthly Archives: August 2010

PETA Opening Office In Middle East (And What Do You Think Of PETA?)

(ANIMAL RIGHTS) — PETA is opening an office in the United Arab Emirates. Read about PETA's initial plans as well as Global Animal's position on PETA. You either love them or hate 'em. Please tell us what you think! — Global Animal

Sanctuary? A Protected Area For Beluga Whales That Protects Oil Interests

(WHALES) OTTAWA - Can a protected area for beluga whales be truly protected if one percent of it is given to oil and gas interests for unlimited drilling exploration? Is an oil spill going to respect that imaginary line in the water? Or, even more laughably, does the idea that they'll be "exploring" when the beluga's are gone for the season make a difference? Doubtful, especially if the Beluga's return to the Beaufort Sea  to feed, socialize and raise their calves after an oil spill.

While Prime Minister Harper made a big show of creating a new protected area for Beluga whales, he quietly made a deal to allow drilling and oil exploration in one percent of the reserve. Let's hope the returning belugas don't come home to a sea as polluted with oil as the gulf has become due to BP's oil "exploration." We at Global Animal think this revised meaning for 'protected' is hypocritical and that oil companies should focus on cleaning up the gulf. Isn't pillaging the rest of the planet enough without encroaching on the earth's few sanctuaries? What do you think? — Global Animal

It’s Back To School Time For More Furry College Companions

(PET) Who's your dorm mate? For increasing numbers of college students, that can be a beloved dog, cat, or even, snake. But having Fido on campus isn't always a walk in the dog park. — Global Animal

The Pot Farm Bears Capturing Hearts Of Many

(WILDLIFE) BRITISH COLUMBIA — A global campaign is gaining force to save the 12 black bears who were found lazily guarding a B.C. marijuana 'grow-op,' and were at risk of being euthanized by authorities. Actor Jason Priestly and others are getting involved to help feed and care for the bears. — Global Animal

New ‘Grooming’ Honeybees May Save Species

(HONEYBEE SCIENCE) A new strain of honeybee has learned to groom other bees in the hive to keep varroa mites, the mites which kill entire colonies of honeybees, out of the nest. But will this 'groomer bee' be enough to help save the honeybees? — Global Animal

Decade Of Animal-Free Circuses Ends In Australia

(CIRCUS ANIMALS) SYDNEY, AU — Animal groups are denouncing an unfathomable decision in Sydney to reverse a ten-year ban on animals being used in circus acts. — Global Animal

Emotional Funeral For Beached Pilot Whales In NZ

(WHALES) KARIKARI BEACH, NEW ZEALAND — Fifty-eight pilot whales died on the beach on the north island of New Zealand.  The absence of an explanation for the mass stranding heightened the feeling of loss for the local residents who tried to save them. — Global Animal

Bad Decision: EU Suspends Ban Of Imported Seal Products From Canada

(SEALS) The European Union suspended a ban on seal products pending a review on behalf of the Inuit people, who say the ban would kill their business, even though they are exempt. We say kill the business and let the seals live. — Global Animal

Anyone Seen 400 Pheasants Around Town?

(PHEASANTS) UNITED KINGDOM — Police in the UK are still stumped after 400 pheasants were stolen from two different farms in Leicestershire a week ago. — Global Animal

Faith The Two-Legged Dog Makes Sergeant

USA - (VIDEO) A two-legged dog labrador-chow cross who has learned to walk upright has been made an honorary sergeant in the U.S. army for inspiring disabled war veterans. See a video of Faith, who's a favorite at army bases and hospitals, where she 'marches' around on her hind legs.

How Humane Is Your Politician?

Sure, politician jokes are easy, but knowing if your legislators support animal welfare or not isn't a laughing matter. That's why we at Global Animal are thrilled with The Humane Society's new 'Humane Scoreboard.' The easy online tool gives a real-time snapshot of where U.S. Senators and Representatives stand on animal protection legislation, votes and policies. There's a groundswell of change underfoot in the way animals are treated and regarded.Which side of history is your politician on? Find out at:

Government Takes Over Management of Indonesia’s ‘Zoo of Death’

JAKARTA - Finally, hopeful news for the 4,200 animals at Jakarta's horrific zoo. Indonesia's Forestry Ministry has taken over management of Surabaya Zoo following the death of hundreds of animals, including a Sumatran tiger and other endangered species.

Who Are You Wearing?: House Passes Truth In Fur Labeling Act

(POLITICS) — The U.S. House of Representatives passed the Truth in Fur Labeling Act to upgrade the nearly 60-year-old federal fur labeling law that has so many loopholes it fails anyone who objects to wearing pelts. As the adage goes, ' The only one who needs a mink coat is a mink.' The new labeling act helps inform shoppers who agree. — Global Animal

Why Red Squirrels Make Great Adoptive Moms

(SQUIRREL) Science suggests that 'being squirrely' can mean being altruistic. In keeping with Hamilton's Rule, when a red squirrel baby is in trouble, oftentimes, other squirrel moms will 'adopt' the youngster and go out on a limb to help. — Global Animal