(DOG) CANADA — Costner will join The Orange Dog, an animal transfer program to save dogs stuck in crowded animal shelters, on a flight transporting animals in Colorado to Alberta, Canada to show his support. — Global Animal

Ecorazzi, Daelyn Fortney

Kevin Costner has joined forces with The Orange Dog founder Jan Folk in her efforts to save the massive amount of dogs who are being held in crowded animal shelters throughout California. Giving the pups a second chance at life, Folk flies the dogs from the states to Canada aboard a Global Exec Aviation private luxury jet.

Costner and his white Lab Daisy will take to the skies aboard the dog rescue liner to show his support of The Orange Dog’s mission. The actor will depart from Aspen, Colo. and arrive in Edmonton, Alberta.

Folk, an Edmonton businesswoman, philanthropist, and life-long dog lover, started The Orange Dog animal transfer program to encourage people “to turn to the Edmonton Humane Society first when looking to bring one of the extremely popular small-breed dogs into their family.” Folk was aware that California animal shelters have been overpopulated with small-breed dogs—many of whom will ultimately be euthanized. She combined the two thoughts and started transporting pups from the Golden State to the Alberta Capital.





  1. There is a Golden Retriever in Decatur Tx. I would take him but can't afford to ship him. Their phon # is 940-627-7577 He is going to be put down soon if no one wants him. His name is Brusci. My name is Maureen Lopez 561-715-5285.