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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Eating Garbage: Plastic In Ocean Is A Bad Deal – And Meal – For...

(SEA) ATLANTIC OCEAN — The garbage patch may not be growing, but the plastic ends up somewhere. Plastic waste is either disintegrating and floating to the ocean floor or eaten by unsuspecting fish. Researchers explain why either scenario is hard to digest. – Global Animal

Russia And China Sign Agreement To Rebuild Siberian Tiger Population

(TIGER) RUSSIA/CHINA — Russia and China celebrate the year of the Tiger by creating the first protected area Siberian (Amur) tigers. Read what this means for 20 of the world's remaining 450 Amur tigers and other endangered species. — Global Animal

Baby Ligers “Accidentally” Born In Taiwan Zoo

(LIGER) TAIWAN – There is plenty of gushing over the  liger cubs born in Taiwan, but with one cub already dead, this alleged accident is hardly cute. — Global Animal

20 Seriously Weird Looking Creatures (PHOTOS)

(ANIMAL PICTURES) Tapirs and dumbo octopi and aye-ayes and oh, my! Take a look at 20 of the funkiest creatures around the globe and let us know who you think takes the prize. – Global Animal

First Beaver Born In Scotland In 400+ Years Caught On Camera

SCOTLAND–After being hunted to extinction, the first beaver kits in more than 400 years were born in Scotland as part of a wildlife initiative.

America’s Third Oldest Chimpanzee Has A Baby

(CHIMPANZEE) KANSAS — Congratulations to Susie, a 56-year-old chimp at a Kansas zoo, and her 31-year-old paramour, Julian, on the birth of their baby girl. Wait. Does that make Susie a cougar? — Global Animal

Capt. Paul Watson: If We Kill Our Oceans, We Kill Ourselves

(SEA SHEPHERD/ANIMAL ACTIVISM VIDEO) Captain Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society talks about the death of our oceans, the politics of extinction and how the collapse of entire species of fish like the bluefin tuna is bad news for humans. — Global Animal

Quirks And Pet Peeves: Animals Have Them, Too

(PET) — Scientist have identified hotheads and tiptoers, schmoozers and loners, divas, dullards and fearless explorers, and they have learned that animals, like us, often cling to the same personality for the bulk of their lives. — Global Animal

Kevin Costner Goes To The Dogs

(DOG) CANADA — Costner will join The Orange Dog, an animal transfer program to save dogs stuck in crowded animal shelters, on a flight transporting animals in Colorado to Alberta, Canada to show his support. — Global Animal

Sharp Rise In Pet Birds At Shelters

(PET BIRDS) USA — The long lifespan and what some consider the challenging nature of birds, combined with economic crisis, has spiked the number of pets birds at shelters. — Global Animal

Scotland’s New Hunting Restrictions Are A License To Kill

(POLITICS) SCOTLAND — New hunting restrictions crack down on off-season hunting, but that's cold comfort to anyone who values life over blood 'sport.' The new rules entirely remove the need for a hunting license. Extra points for hitting both the cruel and stupid  bullseye. — Global Animal

Oscar Is World’s First Bionic Cat

(BIONIC CAT) UNITED KINGDOM — A black cat named Oscar who lost both hind paws in a combine harvester accident is now sporting a world's first -  shiny bionic legs that even flex. — Global Animal

U.S. And Canada Clash Over Right Whale Protection

(ENDANGERED WHALES) CANADA — One of Canada's most endangered species is at the centre of a new lawsuit in the United States, where environmentalists are pressing federal agencies to increase protection of the North Atlantic right whale's feeding, breeding and calving areas south of its Nova Scotia summer range. — Global Animal

Dolphin Makes Awesome Swim Coach For Lab

(ANIMAL VIDEO) When dog and dolphin become friends, every day is a great day to meet for a swim. In recent days, thousands of Global Animal readers and their friends have watched this amazing video of Ben, the labrador, swimming and frolicking with his buddy, Duggie the Dolphin. We thought you might like the backstory on this unusual relationship. It’s a tale of  learning to love again and  the meaning of home. -- Global Animal